Community Coin Voting

Community Coin Voting is a program to determine new coins or tokens eligible to be listed on xBase exchange for free. Anyone can participate in this program and vote on selected coins or tokens. Select your preferred coin and send XDAC coin(s) to relevant account. One XDAC coin is 1 vote. There will be only 1 (one) new digital assets listed on xBase exchange at the end of every calendar quarter.

This round ends Jun 30, 2019

Past winners Token Symbol
Hydrogen Platform HYDRO
Rank Name Symbol Votes xDAC Account Name*
#1 PACCoin PAC 0 birda1judfg4
#2 Decentraland MANA 0 decentraland
#3 Nano NANO 0 nanocurrency
#4 Callisto Network CLO 0 clowis41dgxd
#5 Substratum SUB 0 substratum11
#6 Minex coin MNX 0 mnxs3z5t4g1r
#7 Storj STORJ 0 storjyth4rsi
#8 Apollo APL 0 wprkf3gsnzph
#9 USDX USDX 0 rfrwzji3d2hc
#10 Electroneum ETN 0 rs3h1dkab2xd
#11 Florincoin FLO 0 2cjkv5alk4pl
#12 DeepOnion ONION 0 dvf4desbhked
#13 ARAW ARAW 0 upswsrur4nqm
#14 Chainlink LINK 0 yllif1wwytgp

* To transfer XDAC coins to a selected account please buy XDAC coins on xBase exchange and use withdrawal option to send coins to listed xDAC account names above.